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Cutest Puppy
Welcome to the Puppy Education Site
About Puppyeducation.com

Birgit Sommer is a Texas State licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Based on her life-long experience working with animals, she founded the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Stephenville and moved the facilities in 2011 to Weatherford, TX and then in 2013 to North Dallas.

Since 2004 Birgit has been helping injured and orphaned wildlife by raising and rehabilitating the animals in need and releasing them back to their original habitats.

In addition, she has been working with the public, schools and interested groups to provide education and raise awareness about the local wildlife.

Besides injured and orphaned wildlife I often take on extreme cases from local rescue groups, such as puppies and kittens that require around the clock care, which this small shelter can't provide and the only other alternative would be euthanasia.

Birgit Sommer with Honey

Read Birgit's full biography featured on Dallas News!

As a result of decades of caring for animals, Birgit decided to gather everything she learned to share it with other animals lovers. The puppyeducation.com website covers the dogs and puppies, all about puppy health, dog obedience, dog breeds, puppy behavior, parasites, and much more.


For the cat and kittenlovers, Birgit created kittenbaby.com

If you feel like sharing and discussing your pets or animal related issues, or even have an emergency, feel free to visit me on Facebook!

If you have encountered a situation involving wildlife, you can find help and valuable information on my Rainbow Wildlife Website and the Squirrel-Rescue Website.

All around Puppies and Dogs

How often have you asked yourself "Why does my puppy do that?" or "Why does my dog behave this way?". You have come to the right place, because you will find the answers right here!

You will find information on how to house break your new puppy, how to walk him on a leash, how to bond with him, how to take care of him right, and most of all, how to let the puppy be a puppy without losing your mind or your furniture.

We will also cover subjects like your puppy's health and nutritional needs as well as valuable information on what to look for in a vet. Our goal is to educate and provide you with as much information as possible with as much fun and entertainment as possible, so you can be the best puppy owner in your puppy's world.

Rescued Chihuahua

Understanding your Dog - See the World through your Puppy's Eyes!

Most dog owners make the number one mistake by treating their dogs like humans. They relate to their dogs, read human emotions and intentions into the puppy's behavior while the confused pup is trying to figure out what he is doing wrong.

In order to raise a truly happy dog, the first thing you need to do is to learn to UNDERSTAND your puppy. Learn how to see the world through his or her eyes. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, did just that and through his work I was able to find a deeper bond to my dogs that I ever imagined possible.

The result is the www.puppyeducation.com site which is a mixture of my own experience, insights from other dog lovers, teachings from the Dog Whisperer and other professionals working with dogs. You will find funny puppy games and postcards, cute puppy pictures and movies, useful links to dog and puppy related websites, information and research about dog related products etc.

Let's get started!

Newborn puppies need to find a place or status within the pack. They don't get a name like we do because personality is something we create and only exists in our world. In the animal world there are two positions: the leader and the follower. Dogs are simple we make life complicated by misunderstanding what they need as a species.

Dog Speak

Dogs communicate through constant energy.

The pack leader always projects a calm, assertive energy.

Energy is what I call beingness; who and what you are being at every moment.

2 cute Puppies

Pack leaders don't project nervousness. They don't project panic. They don't project tension.

Simply put, the pack leader is a calm, assertive presence that provides balance to the pack. They control everything and its not open to debate. Its also not about gender a female or male can become pack leader.

Two Worlds Collide

When dogs come into our homes they meet emotional energy for the first time. We shower them with affection and they see us as excited energy. This is why dogs don't listen to humans. Their mother was never this way. Where did the calm, assertive leadership go?

We often develop a different agenda for our dogs. We want to make puppies our babies. When people see a nervous or shy dog they see it as human and console it like they would another human.

In the animal world this nurtures instability, something a pack would never do. From day one the human fulfills himself and forgets about what's important to the dog.

In the absence of a 100 percent leader, the dog even a submissive one will seek to fill what they see as a vacant role. The dog will ignore the owner or act out in other ways. This is the beginning of giving control to them. One of the most important things you can remember is that dogs are animals. If we don't fulfill them as a species, they wont live a balanced, centered life.

Cute Labrador Puppy

Understanding and projecting a pack leaders calm, assertive energy will create a positive and lasting connection with your dog.

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The Dog Channel


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