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Cutest Puppy
Puppy Insurance - Pet Insurance

Why do I need Insurance for my Puppy?

No dog owner likes to think of their pet being ill. But just like us they can suffer all kinds of injuries and illnesses. In fact, one in three pets will need unexpected treatment this year.

These costs are coveredd willingly by the owner and bills can run to hundreds, sometimes thousands of Dollars.

Similar to human health coverage, Pet Insurance policies are for accidents and illnesses. In order to keep base insurance policy premiums at a minimum, the following items are generally excluded; elective procedures such as spay/neuter, boarding, grooming, diets, parasites, vitamins and supplements, pre-existing conditions, congenital, hereditary defects and breeding.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance policies help pay for office calls, prescriptions, treatments, lab fees, x-rays, surgery and hospitalization for covered medical problems. It was designed and developed to give pet owners an alternative to unnecessary euthanasia or worse yet continued pet suffering because of the high cost of medical attention.

Pet insurance is not only growing in North American popularity, but world wide.

The cost of pet insurance, like health insurance for people, varies according to the coverage and the age and type of the animal involved. Some pet insurance carriers cover only "traditional" domesticated animals like cats and dogs, but others cover pets ranging from exotic birds and reptiles to chinchillas.

The key to making pet insurance an affordable and useful part of your pet's life is to get it early. A routine coverage plan includes pet insurance that pays for: an annual comprehensive exam, deworming, fecal test (for worms) and micro chipping. It includes one major procedure like spay, neuter or teeth-cleaning.

A basic pet insurance plan also includes most common vaccinations, including rabies, parvo and lyme disease for dogs and feline leukemia and rabies for cats. It also includes flea and tick prevention medication twice a year.

Calm Dogs


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